July 21, 2024

Dona Abbott

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Canvas Bags – The New Marketing Tool

Canvas Bags – The New Marketing Tool

Canvas bags are in and everyone from celebrities, sport stars and everyday shoppers are using them. This is great news for the fight against global warming because the toll on the environment to make a plastic or paper bag is high. Now marketers are seeing the benefits of using canvas bags as a form of advertising and why not, every other consumable product we use is marketable.

Studies conducted show the canvas bag can be used as a great guerrilla marketing tool. If you think about it, how many times would you use your bag? A quick calculation can be performed to work out the numbers. A typical bag has a life span of a year and half and on average you would have used it for 300 trips. Next, multiply the number of trips by the amount of exposures. On average you pass 50 people each trip, that’s 50 exposures, 300 x 50 equals 15,000 exposures. Now, that’s some serious numbers and if you sell a modest 100 bags think of the marketing opportunities.

So why aren’t more stores selling canvas bags? I don’t have that answer but from a marketing perspective it makes sense for small stores to do away with plastic or paper bags and sell canvas bags. Why I say small stores because many big stores are already selling canvas bags. I think plenty of marketing opportunities for local stores to promote themselves in a green, friendly way. Consumers will respond and convert to canvas especially if you start charging for plastic and paper bags. So the canvas bag has a bright future not only for consumers and the environment but also for marketers.