Cisco RV 120W Router – Ideal Solution for Small Businesses With VPN Support

When you start your small business either in home or small office, you should build your own computer networking infrastructure which supports business class features including the VPN capability, VLAN for network security segregation, and threats management for protecting your network security. With VPN (Virtual private network) capability, you can create secure tunneling gateway to gateway or remote user connections. This is to support your business communication to the global internet.

The other business features your computer network should support are wireless access for mobile devices and guest secure access. It is frequent that your business partners need access to the internet from their laptop when they are visiting your office. Providing wireless internet access securely without compromising your private network resources is very essential. Now, with lack of networking security experts how can you do that? To start your small business, consider Cisco RV 120W wireless VPN router.

What this Product Does

Cisco RV 120W wireless VPN router is an affordable solution for small businesses which includes all your requirements in building a wireless network with business class features. The router is powered by the latest wireless 802.11n technology for high-speed wireless access. With wireless access, your employee can stay productive every where within the network coverage with their laptops – no wires.

Unlike high-performance home wireless routers which typically support the VPN pass-through, the Cisco RV 120W supports the VPN technology natively. When the router supports the VPN pass-through, the router does not support the VPN technology natively but it supports the VPN traffic passing via the router gateway to reach your VPN server. Cisco RV 120W wireless VPN router supports up to 10 QuickVPN tunnels for remote client access and up to 10 IPSec site-to-site secure tunneling for branch office connectivity.

VLAN and Multiple SSIDs

Can you create Guest secure access with this router? Yes, Cisco RV 120W supports up to four separate virtual networks or SSIDs (Service Set Identifiers) wireless network name. With multiple SSIDs support, you can create guest secure access separate from your private / internal networks. This way, you can provide internet access for your visitors (with their laptop) when they visit your office without compromising your private network.

Cisco RV 120W wireless VPN router includes 4-port Switch which supports the VLAN (virtual LAN). VLAN is very essential in businesses when you require creating network security segregation that meets your business needs. For example you can create separate segment specifically for finance section computer clients. And the beauty with this VLAN is that you can map SSID to VLAN with wireless client isolation. For wireless security connection, the router supports the latest industrial wireless security encryption Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA/WPA2).

With VLANs or SSIDs, communication between different VLANs can only be done with layer 3 devices such as the router or layer 3 switches. Cisco RV 120W supports inter-VLANs communication, so you don’t need to buy separate layer-3 Switch.

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