July 21, 2024

Dona Abbott

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Content Marketing and Off-Site SEO Tips for a New Website

Content Marketing and Off-Site SEO Tips for a New Website

You’ve probably heard the phrase that “content is king” and it’s true. Providing content that is relevant to you and your business will increase your website ranking, audience and ultimately, bottom line. It’s sounds fancy too, “content marketing” but it’s not as fancy as you’d think. You don’t need to write lengthy whitepapers or case studies and don’t need to be a seasoned journalist either. All you need is a an idea, some time to write and the following quick hit tactics to help you get a content marketing campaign off the ground.

Issue a Press Release – Issue a press release announcing the launch of your business or new website. You can issue a paid press release (recommended) for about $150 and can leverage several online PR distribution platforms to issue it. These platforms will then categorize your press release and will automatically notify the key publishers, media pundits and local journalists in your respected industry and geographic area as a means to attracting attention to your release. As far as using a free press release, we say go for it. It’s not always the most effective in terms of attracting media coverage but it can still help you get the message out to lower tier media outlets, blogs and websites. Our advice is if you’ve taken the time to write a quality press release then it certainly can’t hurt to distribute to as many places as you can. So, give all of your options a shot and depending on your budget, select the one that works best for you.

Get Published – A how-to article, an interview from the local news organization or even a guest post on another local blog can help you get noticed by search engines and increase your website ranking. Especially for new websites, which often take a few days and even weeks before they are indexed – by getting published on someones else’s site, you’ll gain the advantage of the spiders who crawl their website and notice your link and follow-up it back to your website.

Article Marketing – Similar to getting published but a little less work, article marketing is a great way to distribute content online and get links and qualified traffic back to your website. There are dozens of article directories online that will allow you to create a free account and then submit articles for consideration. Once you’ve been approved as a publisher, you’ll create an author bio that will include a quick description of you, your business or product/service and will also be allowed to include a link back to your website. These articles typically rank pretty well on their own simply because these article directories are frequently spiders by search engines. As a result of the article ranking high, you’ll benefit by picking off the search engine traffic that clicks to read your article and then ultimately follows through to click on your website. These articles are also frequently syndicated by the publishing platform and end up being reposted on other relevant blogs and websites, earning you even more links.