July 21, 2024

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Factors Affecting Forex Trading

Factors Affecting Forex Trading

Forex Currency Trading is affected by several factors which are mostly external to an individual. Most important of these are GDP, trade reports, unemployment and interest reports.

One beauty of FX trading is that there is no lag in the dissemination of information across the globe. It is released simultaneously and becomes available to everyone equally online or offline.

This is unlike online stock trading where one remains ignorant for a considerable period of time about the news affecting the volatility of a stock.

Most of the times in the stock market, an investor is in the dark regarding the causes of movement in a particular stock. Investors come to know about the causes like insider trading, law suits, revision in earnings etc. much after the market has reacted and absorbed the news.

Only few people have the right information at the right time in stock trading. As a result, most of the investors are at the receiving end in this market.

This is not the case in currency trading. Here all the information that affects a particular currency becomes known to everyone instantaneously in the whole world. There is hardly any role for insider trading or behind the scene news in a forex market. So information is more open.

Almost every online forex trading platform maintains a global economic calendar. This calendar indicates the major forthcoming economic, financial and business related events all over the world and which can have important bearing on foreign exchange market.

All one has to do is to keep a tab on these important events and their positive affects. If one can analyze them properly, it is possible to benefit considerably overtime.

Aforesaid factors which are having a major bearing on currency exchange are fundamental in nature. Coupled with technical analysis, these are of substantial aid to any forex exchange player.

Of course it is not easy to watch or keep a tab on all the factors that affect foreign exchange trading sentiment. They change in importance over time and condition. But the information is available to anyone and for use to one’s benefit. One can react immediately to any new information.

In stock markets, one is always faced with trading hours restrictions, closing and opening bells and unknown information. Forex markets are credited with 24 hours availability, open information and ease of use. One is not faced with restricted trading hours and one can trade from a few minutes to long hours.

In North America or Western Europe, people know a lot about stocks and bonds. But the rest of the world deals in currency. As there is more of globalization, online currency trading will get a further boost.

Most important GDP figures that affect forex trading are those of USA, Japan, Canada, Australia and Britain. China is also expected to be a major force in online paper trading in not that distant future.

One can do forex currency trading from anywhere in the world. All one needs is a computer and a forex trading platform. As soon as one gets some important economic or financial news, one can react accordingly in real time.

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