Human Grade Dog Food Will Make Your Dog Live Longer

The most simple way to define human grade dog food is that it’s food fit for human consumption. Long gone are the days when it was assumed that a dog is perfectly fine eating whatever scraps or animal by-products we ourselves don’t wish to eat. While it’s completely true that wild animals hunt and eat most of what they kill: They don’t eat chemicals, dyes, soy, paper writer services cornstarch and other contaminants or fillers that most commercial dog foods have in them.

Feeding your dog a human grade dog food (I.e. natural, holistic, organic, etc.) means you care about their health and want them to be around for a long time. Commercial dog food only became popular in the mid-1900’s as a way to get rid of waste from animal processing plants, then later many companies found they could turn a hefty profit by mixing in vegetable fillers, then dyeing it with eye pleasing colors to make us feel like we were giving our pets a delicious treat.

Many of the popular food manufacturers use much of the same low-quality meat by-products and other fillers, while others may add different vitamins, minerals and other elements to market their products.

Purchasing all natural, holistic (human grade dog food) for your pet is much easier on their system and provides for a healthier coat, bowel movements and proper PH balance for their internal organs. A bird like a vulture may be quite happy with leftovers, but your dog is a descendant of the wolf: An animal that hunts and eats primarily fresh meat, while occasionally snacking on wild fruits and vegetables.

What this should mean to all who are reading is that a dog’s system is no better equipped to eat processed food than a human is. Feed them a high-quality human grade food to give them the best chance at a long, happy and healthy life.

Eating slightly cheaper, preservative-filled food just leads to more veterinary visits as your dog ages (as poor food sends us to the doctor more often as we age). The savings from vet visits, medications and other expenses will far outweigh the little extra you may pay for holistic dog food, over the commercial alternative.

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