July 21, 2024

Dona Abbott

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Is Russia’s Social Media Boom to Bring Big News for Business?

Is Russia’s Social Media Boom to Bring Big News for Business?

Remember the century old October revolution of USSR? Yes something like that is happening again and this time it is in the form of social revolution taking place in the global online market place. Millions of Russian youngsters are helping to bring an economic change in the country. This is contrary to the perceptions about the social networking trend in Russia.

In the year 2010, Russians would spend twice amount of time on the networking sites as compared to their counterparts from other parts of the world. According to Yandex, the preeminent search provider in Russia, only 65{5b0579ddad123e8826b0f99aaf2548fba6b6d6310808b95d99d67897c25a7935} of Russians who update their profile on a daily basis.

After the launch of Facebook in 2010, today more than 4.5 million Russians use the site religiously and thus adding to the number of people using the social media websites in this particular country. Many have already switched their choices from the homely platforms like Vkontakte to the new age phenomenon of Facebook & twitter. Probably the youngsters know where to be and when to be there. They know that globally accepted social networking websites is where the latest social trends are available.

The social networking audience in Russia was recently found to possess the highest social engagement rate among the other world’s 40 biggest economies. This report came from com Score (Expert in measuring the digital world quotient). The republic of Russia was followed by countries like Brazil, Canada and Puerto Rico, with the United Kingdom coming on 7th rank and the United States in 9th place.

According to the recent study, many renowned companies are moving ahead of the barriers and are accepting the proven benefits of the social media channels for their businesses. Many Russian dealers looking for a challenging advantage of the social scenario are already leaping into the rat race to stay ahead of the social media. Even Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has engaged on Twitter with a refreshing and surprisingly candid approach.

It will be too early to predict the future of the social media opportunities in the country, but something is better than nothing and brands have already started their campaigns on networks like Facebook, twitter, regional networking sites, and even professional network LinkedIn. Russia’s Social Media Awakening indicates that digital media has started each and every sphere of the earth. Businesses looking for opportunities in Russia should know that this is the right time to invest in the social media optimization services and digital marketing. The social intercommunicating trend has grown popular with commoners, celebrities, politicians and brands.

From perceptions, attitudes, cultural differences to language barriers, every concept will undergo revolution and acts in conformity when people will join their hands and come together through the social media networking channels.