LEGO Star Wars Party Supplies – Ideas To Help Organize A Truly Galactic Party

Just as George Lucas made Star Wars timeless, you too can do the same with your boy’s birthday party because you’ve got the mind that controls the force. The mind contains your plans on how you going to execute the birthday party theme. Have you selected any from the Star Wars sagas? And if not, here are the choices:

Your first option is make a little star wars-dance competition theme. As the entire star wars soundtrack is remixed with pop-wired genre. This option is good for people who don’t want to spend a fortune on the costumes. This theme is great for the backyard and it is spacious enough to entertain all of your kid’s guests. A large pack of LEGO Star Wars party supplies will blast your dilemma away as your star-shaped grilled cheese sandwiches can rest on the dinner plates, cups that are great for green Kool-Aid drinks, confetti, activity place mats, napkins, space themed-table cover, balloons and others are all can be found in the package. You can also prepare popcorn that is cooked in a pyramid style foil, a bowl of lime and melon jellybeans, ice creams, and for the grown-ups pesto. For the winner of the dance competition, a bag of different lines of skittles or other sweets will do.

The second option is turn your basement into a little star wars cinema premiere. This may need an extra effort since you need to recreate the premiere of star wars movie in the cinemas, and the guests are obliged to be the celebrities who watched the premiere. They can also be George Lucas in a suit, just remember to add the mustache and the beard, just be detailed with his trademarks. You can be Ewan McGregor or Natalie Portman as there is someone who will take a photo of you with the backdrop. What you need here are invitations, red carpet, lights that can be dim, customized backdrop, an amateur photographer, sound systems, materials that you need to glam-up your basement but not necessarily that you are going to what do paul revere, j. edgar hoover and betsy ross all have in common? imitate the actual-inside of the cinema.

Since this is a birthday party, better put-up tables and chairs, and make sure that the arrangement is sophisticated. Dinner plates and other birthday supplies should be party plastic plates because chinawares are fragile. It is also a must to have a player and star wars disc, right size of projector screen for the venue, multimedia projector, and remember also, do not forget good ventilation. Provide a not too long introductory moment for the guests, and make sure that you instructed your George Lucas for his acknowledgments to thank the people who attend. Then the guests may now eat, while the person-in-charge with the sound system turns-on the Bossa nova music.

The force here supports your plans to have games for the birthday party. These are the ideal games that can activate the imagination of the kids. And putting up the traditional ones prevents you to think of too much mechanics, and here are the easiest ones; the Meteorite Hunt. The rule here is to find the prize that is wrapped-in aluminum foil. Make this game exciting as you only put a limited time to look for it. The next one is Pin the Senator Amidala. The rule here is the same as pin the donkey but you have to pin her lips back to the position. And your little kids will realize how fun it is to live in the galaxy.


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