July 21, 2024

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Network Marketing For Work At Home Moms and Pops – Its Advantages And Pitfalls, Part II

Network Marketing For Work At Home Moms and Pops – Its Advantages And Pitfalls, Part II

The Good And Bad News About Traditional Network Marketing:

About 5{5b0579ddad123e8826b0f99aaf2548fba6b6d6310808b95d99d67897c25a7935} of People are highly successful in the Network Marketing industry. Within two to five years after getting started, they’re often able to generate six figure incomes and become financially independent. A little known fact is that more millionaires are created each year in the network marketing industry than in any single other field. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that the remaining 95{5b0579ddad123e8826b0f99aaf2548fba6b6d6310808b95d99d67897c25a7935} of people who enter this industry either fail completely or else experience only very modest financial success. There are at least two basic reasons for this:

1) The average person entering this industry is simply not equipped with the necessary personal skills and the high degree of motivation and commitment that are essential to success. Unless they’re willing and able to pull themselves up by their bootstraps in developing these specific skills and then apply them passionately and persistently for at least a year or more, they’re not likely to achieve the “critical mass” that is required for success.

2) Similarly, most people seeking a home business have very little money and, thus, are not able to pay for the advertising that’s usually required for success in the “cold market.”

A Revolutionary New Alternative That Levels The Playing Field:

Thanks to the wonders of Internet Technology, a revolutionary new approach to Network Marketing has recently become available that can greatly increase the possibility of success for EVERYONE in the industry. Sometimes referred to as a Funded Sponsoring Franchise system, it offers the following major advantages over traditional network marketing:

1. It completely eliminates ALL personal promotion, recruiting, and selling that have been the main hallmarks (and also the main pitfalls) in the traditional model. This greatly levels the playing field for the large majority of people who dislike and/or are not skilled in these areas.

2. It provides a highly detailed business plan that is analogous to the kind included in many large franchise chains, such as McDonald’s, Subway, Burger King, etc. As with these large franchise systems, everyone using this type of system follows an identical business plan, which makes it 100{5b0579ddad123e8826b0f99aaf2548fba6b6d6310808b95d99d67897c25a7935} duplicatable. Although duplication has always been a key to success in all network marketing, the fact is that only a small minority of distributors actually achieve it to a significant degree. This, of course, has been a major cause of failure.

3. Instead of trying to build a primary business from the outset, this type of system is specifically designed to generate multiple streams of quick income through affiliate programs. Some or all of this income can then be re-invested in advertising to promote one’s primary business. So this provides a way for people with very limited financial resources to fund the building of their primary business through the investment of “sweat equity.” This consists basically in using various free methods of driving internet traffic to their websystem until it becomes profitable.

4. It effectively transforms the prevailing role of network marketers from promoting, recruiting, and selling into guiding, supporting, and mentoring. This latter role tends to be much easier and personally more satisfying for a majority of people wanting to work from home.

5. Not only is this a highly attractive option to those who are just getting started in network marketing, it has equal appeal to the vast numbers of people who are already in the industry, but who are struggling or failing with the traditional model. And, since it’s international in scope, this means that there’s a huge potential market for it.


Is this new approach a guaranteed pathway to success in network marketing? Absolutely not. It definitely has proven, however, to be a much more workable and effective approach for a large number of network marketers who have NOT been successful using the traditional model. Nevertheless, it still requires a high degree of motivation, commitment, persistence, and willingness to learn.

One’s single purpose and the key to success with this new type of online business-building system is to follow the detailed blueprint that’s provided to make it highly visible to everyone on the Internet who is potentially interested in what it offers. In principle, this is much like building a huge billboard next to a large freeway. Obviously, if you’d never built such a billboard before, you’d need to be very diligent in following all of the instructions for how to do it. This is precisely what is required with this new Internet business-building system as well.

Anyone who is interested in investigating this new option in much greater detail can get started by clicking on the URL provided below.