The Basics of Brain Training Explained

In a perpetual state of motion, the world is constantly bring about increasing challenges that serve to test your ability to overcome obstacles and your personal will to thrive, whether in your personal life, business or sports. Now more than ever before, competition is fierce. The are greater levels of competition and many more hurdles lie in your path. In reality, there is no such thing as a level playing field. There is a handful of individuals that have a significant advantage over the larger population even before the competition has begun. Your job is to do something about this. You need to be the first one to score, because once you do so you will have gained the advantage.

In the past it was possible to overpower and defeat competitors with mere muscle and brute force. Currently however, brute force alone will certainly not merit your success. In order to compete effectively you will need something else. You will need the ability to outsmart your competition in order to come out on top. You have likely undergone enough muscle training already. Now is the time to shift your focus and begin brain training.

There are numerous methods of brain training. Meditation is one of these, as is the completion of memory exercises and word puzzles. These methods however, can take a long time to produce significant results. This is problematic for those that are seeking results in the very near future. There is an alternative method of brain training however, that serves this function better than more traditional methods of training the brain: brainwave training.

Brainwaves are essentially the electrical impulses that arrive from the constant communication of the neurons in your brain. Brainwaves are typically classified by neurologists according to the various mental processes that they are in association with. Brain waves can range in frequency from 0.1 hertz to as high as 100 hertz. They are called Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma and Theta.

Relevant to brain training is the neurological discovery that the waves of the brain respond to external stimuli such as sound and light. Buy Delta 8 These have the ability to mold brainwaves in such a way that it is possible to induce states of productivity, creativity and relaxation merely through brainwave stimulation. A person can become more intelligent, have more energy and become more creative through brainwave training.

Without brainwave training an individual will have to become a master of meditation to allow for the control of brainwaves at will. You could start as an apprentice to a yogi or an enlightened guru and invest many years in training in the secret art of meditation. This of course, is if you have the time to do so at your disposal and are interested in leading such a life. Alternatively, brainwave training allows the individual to gain mastery over the brain in as few as six months.


How Easy Is It to Make Money Online?

Your spam folder is probably full of them, “Earn $1000 per day working from home”. Get real, no one earns that much working from home. Don’t be conned, making money is hard work and starting a home based business is even harder.

I started my home based business by accident. It was a Saturday evening and I was looking for a prepaid mobile plan for my wife. I spent the evening on the internet researching the plans available in the market. I had them all listed in an excel spreadsheet so that I could compare them. Then I decided that it would be great to put this information online.

Within 2 hours I had registered a business name and purchased my first domain. That was the easiest part of the journey. Since then it has been all about learning and working. You see I work full time and my business requires that I invest several hours every evening to support it.

It started as an experiment but has now turned into an investment. I built the website using WordPress within a week (I had to ask for some help) and then it was all about learning how to drive traffic to it. I read the blogs, the magazines etc and whilst they were really helpful, the trick to it all is work and luck. You need to find a niche. A topic, a product or service that hasn’t already been talked about forever on the internet.

When they say it is all about the content they are right. It is about having the right words and keeping them fresh so that when Google looks to index sites based on these words, your site has every chance of being listed as high as possible.

How does it make money? The revenue comes from affiliate commissions and Google AdSense revenues. Affiliate marketing enables your website to be rewarded if you refer traffic to an online store and they purchase. The more of these relationships the more potential for revenue.

Without traffic however there is no revenue. My strategy has been to build a service that I would paper writing service reddit personally use. A service which provided the information I would need to make an informed decision. I wanted to make it different to every other comparison websites. I didn’t want to only compare programs that would potentially generate an income for me. I compare them all so that the customer has access to everything they need not just the information I wish to show them.

On the question of traffic, my answer is to write content and re-write it. Do your research on the key words that will bring traffic to your site and include them in your content. Ensure your site has the right title tags where they are required. In terms of link building, I write articles such as this, I have a blog which I update weekly with articles and I bookmark. From time to time I have used directories to list on but very infrequently. In the first 6 months my site only received 50 visitors per day. Today it is over 1000.


How to Choose the Right Freelance Writer For Your Websites

Is writing getting on your nerves? Are you tired of all those essays given by your teacher? Well, whatever your reasons are, you might need their skills and would want to hire a freelance writer.

Actually, there are many freelance writers out there with different expertise. There are freelance writers who could provide you with web copy, newsletters, articles, e-books, e-courses, and other services. They could surely help you have quality writing services that you want efficiently in no time. Here are some outlined reasons why you might need the service of a freelance writer.

1. You might be too busy to write your content.

2. You do not have any experience in writing.

3. You want to be sure that the finished work is totally correct.

4. You want that your work is something unique with a professional touch.

5. You are looking to outsource your project.

Given the above reasons, you now have a better understanding of why you need the service of a freelance writer. Now, it is time for you to seek a freelance writer depending on what your project is all about. Take note that you need a writer to make your task easier and to complete your project at a definite time. Choose a writer which you think is capable of the task you are about to give.

You could use the internet to make your search faster and convenient. You might want to go to these following websites:,, and You could find the writer that easily suits your needs through these websites.

You should have some outline paper writing service reddit or plan before searching for a freelance writer. This is important so that it would be easier for the person to do the writing when they could fully understand what you really need. This could help you choose the right freelance writer.

If your project is the press release type, you have to give some information to aid your writer in making the best press release that you need. Seek and choose a freelance writer with experience on this type of project. This is a big plus to assure you that the outcome is the best.


How to Write Web Copy That Sells

If you have a website, you’re trying to sell something. Whether you’re promoting a product, a service, a point of view, or a perception, the text on your website can indeed make or break your sale. If you want web readers to invest themselves in your site and your message, you have to give them what they want in the way they want it. If you don’t… click, skip, they’re gone and may never come back.

Here are five tips for writing web copy that sells:

Be relevant
People come to your site looking for information about a specific topic, and all of your website copy should support that topic. Personal anecdotes and tangential thinking are the stuff of blogs and social media. Your web copy should be creative, polished, and always on point.

Use web-friendly formatting
Web copy that is clear and well-organized will help readers connect to your message. Web readers rely on headers and sub-headers to find what they’re looking for. Headers like Freelance Services, Sales Training Workshops, and About, orient readers to my website so they can make the most of their time. Information is chunked in short paragraphs and bulleted lists for easy scanning, and I use intra-site links to direct readers to a deeper exploration of select topics.

Begin at the end
Visitors to your site want to paper writing service reddit know right away if they have found what they’re looking for, so present your main points at the beginning of a paragraph or page. This makes it easier for readers to assess the value of your site or page relative to their needs. “Welcome to, your single source for professional freelance writing services” pretty well sums up what you’ll find on my website.

Offer direction
Tell your readers what you want them to do. Subscribe to the newsletter. Purchase a book. Schedule a consultation. Request an estimate. Contact us. Use radio buttons and links to highlight a call to action, and make sure they are prominent on the page. If people have to look too hard, some of them will simply go elsewhere.


Best Sales Letter Writing – 8 Key Ways to Sales Letter Writing

Effective sales letters are attention grabbing and contains compelling message making readers do whatever you want them to do. They should contain powerful subject that communicates the benefits of opening and reading the letter. In addition, they must offer tangible rewards to get the attention of the buyers. Sounds tough? Not really. Here’s how you can effectively write a sales letter;

1. Make your readers trust you. Include a testimonial of a credible, popular person. If you can get Oprah to endorse your products the better.

2. Establish credibility. State the number of years you have been in the business or include a research study that proves the effectiveness of what you are offering.

3. Make it useful. If you are selling electrical appliances, include a do-it-yourself guide on how they can easily fix minor problems. Give them a reason to keep the letter and consider your services in the long run.

4. Make the letter easy on the eyes. Use short sentences. Do not bore your customers with essay type letter.

5. Create a sense of urgency. Limited promotions generate more profits because they make their buyers act at once.

6. Offer an incentive. But wait there’s more! This phrase will surely entice your customers to buy immediately because they are getting something for free.

7. Personalize your letter. If you can get the full name of your customer, the better.

8. Use appropriate language. pay for essay reddit Using formal language is generally safe with sales letter, but you don’t want to sound too formal if you are selling toys or baby clothing.


The Top Blenders at the most affordable Prices for Your Home

A quality blender is a must-have in the kitchen. Blenders have been an essential part of kitchens across the globe and can enhance your cooking as well as the level of enjoyment you will enjoy your food. Blenders are able to help you prepare anything from soups to desserts and can do it quickly and in a tidy method.

Blenders have seen a change since the time of the blurred-up ones you recall from the kitchen of your home when you were a child (My Mom had one in beige that looked almost immortal) With advancements in technology as well as changes in eating habits that go together with regular updates.

The current blenders are excellent devices that are simple to use and clean , while also being very economical when it comes to energy consumption. However, certain models of these devices are known to be quite  Best Personal Blender for frozen fruit Smoothies expensive, however if you look around in shops and on the internet, you can benefit from the great discounts that are on offer. The top brands in kitchen equipment are offered including Oster, KitchenAid, Hamilton, Cuisinart and many more!

Certain retailers have ordered more than they need to accommodate the demand for seasons like Christmas or the most popular time for weddings. As a result, they’re selling great blenders for homes with discounted prices. Anyone can purchase new blenders to use in their kitchen and relive the pleasure of making all the amazing things possible by putting the ingredients in the blender and turning the “on” switch.

They’re also more secure than ever before, and can be a wonderful ingredient to add to your kitchen. Check out the different examples of most effective blenders online and you’ll discover the delights of cooking over again.

Structuring a Basic Argument Essay For a College Course

I really do not know when the custom began, but it has become a norm now to have someone else write for you your presentation. I first learnt of this happening when I heard the term ‘speech-writers’ used in relation to those people who produce speeches for political leaders. Top officials of both public and private sector organizations often keep a team of speech-writers. When I first knew about this way of obtaining speeches by our leaders my first feeling was that they were not honest really in what they say after all.

We hear such fine speeches made these days that arouse deep feelings, but they were somebody else’s thoughts and convictions. I feel this is wrong. If you believe it, say it yourself; say it the best way you can, but say it in your own special way. To me, back in the days, I felt it was dishonest of someone to ask another to say for him what he ought to say. I bet that is how the phrase ‘politically correct’ came about. People seem to want to hear you say what they want to hear, whether you believe it or not, they care less!

Well, I know I can’t change the world, but since pay for essay reddit everyone has accepted our leaders lying to us, it is no surprise that no one eventually gets to hold them to what they have said. How could anyone, when the speakers themselves are not in touch with the contents of their speech. Someone made them say it, and most of us know it; so who would blame them for not doing what they said!

Writing and speech-making seem to have gone on to take the form described above in our time. If you need anything saying these days and you have the cash, you’d always find someone ready and willing to do it for you. Image makers push out propaganda to make things seem the way they are not. So now people craft up materials and all you need to do is append your name to them. So much for our literary contents these days. With the existence of virtual assistants some even piece-up a book in no time and publish and have it up for sale as their product without making any input whatsoever. Even when they feel the need to proof-read, they also hire another virtual assistant. What a day we live in! And why not, even some women would have others carry their pregnancies for them these days!

The world has become so loose, we  ask others to do for us the most personal of services. Even when a husband mistakenly forgets that today is his wedding anniversary he asks someone in his office to go buy a gift for his wife. Anything that person feels is adequate for the occasion does it! With writing, especially on-line writing, you see contents being re-cycled all over using the software everyone knows exist today. Content managers, such as article directories, should not be so hard when they discover that what someone has presented to them as an original has actually been making the rounds for a while.


Choosing a Top Professional Thesis Editing Service

Writing a thesis or essay can be a stressful time in anyone’s life, especially when the pressures build up and the deadline is near. If you can focus on letting your creative writing flow free, there are essay editors who can help focus your writing. When you hire these professional editors you can expect top quality revisions of your writing that will conform to a number of different style guides. No matter what kind of thesis you have to produce, there are people waiting to help you get the project done right and on time.

One thing to look for when hiring a professional editing team is that they offer a deadline guarantee. Though editing is a time consuming process, everyone has to get their work submitted on time. This means that you can’t afford to wait around for amateur editors to find the time for your work. You need special attention to fixing your prose, and you’re looking for help because of that. So when you go with an editing company, make sure you’ve got their word that they’ll hand back your paper with plenty of time to spare.

Don’t forget that editing a paper essay writing service reddit should be a collaborative process. You won’t want to work with an editor who can’t understand your point of view on your topic of choice. You’ll also want to find professional editors who can alter their style to suit the paper that is being written. They should know that there is a difference between a scientific research paper and a creative English essay. These categories of thesis essays will require different editorial touches, and although nuanced are still something to look for when you pick a team.


Make Money Writing Secrets – Who Knows You?

Want to make money from your writing? It’s easy when you understand a simple point: the more people who know you, the higher your income. So let’s see how you get known, and get people to buy your writing services, in three steps.

Firstly, please fix one important point in your mind, and never forget it: your writing skills have immense value online. Writers have never had it better. I’ve been writing for 30 years, and I wish I were starting out today, because the opportunities for writers to make money online are truly unlimited.

Get Known, and Make More Money from Your Writing

Here’s how.

1. Get Targeted Traffic to Your Website

Getting known starts with your website, so if you don’t have a site, get one. Having a site isn’t enough, however. You need targeted traffic: that is, people who visit your site and who are looking for what you’re selling on the site.

You’re a writer, so your “targeted traffic” consists of editors, website owners and other buyers of writing services. You need to get these people to visit your site.

There are many, many ways to do this. The fastest way is to buy traffic. That is, to advertise. You can go to Google AdWords, set up a campaign, and get traffic in less than half an hour.

However, if you’re new to advertising, you may want to hold off on paid advertising until you get some experience reddit essay writing service with free traffic generating methods like free classifieds sites (Craigslist), social media marketing (Twitter, LinkedIn), and article marketing.

2. Traffic Isn’t Enough: Get Them to Come Back

Now you’ve got traffic: congratulations. Getting traffic (even if it’s only 50 unique visitors a day) is a huge coup.

Your next step is to get those people who visited your site (the targeted traffic) to return. As a rule of thumb, it takes around seven contacts to get someone to buy from you. So you need to work out how you’ll get your daily visitors to come back.

Tip: try a blog.

3. Now They Know You, Get Them to Buy

The final step is to get the people who now know you through your site to buy.

You do this by making an irresistible offer.

So, there you have it: that’s how you get known, and get people to buy your writing services in three steps. Get writing, and join the other writers who are already making a fantastic income from their writing services

CV Writing Service

With competition in the Job Search market increasing, and job seekers wanting to secure a good position in a suitable time scale, the demand for a Professional CV Writing Service has increased.

But, when price differentials between the UK CV Writers and those in North America or Europe are compared, what are many Job Seekers actually buying?

CV Services

There are three basic forms of CV Writing Service:


  • CV Typing: former or existing secretaries and competent typists who take a set of often faxed hand written notes and combine them with a downloaded CV Template into a typed CV. These services most often offer printed paper format CV’s as optional extras. Expect to pay around £30 or less
  • Professional CV Writers: there are a growing number of Professional CV Writers in the UK. But, unlike North America where there are three competing bodies in CV writing alone which accredit Professional Resume Writers through testing, there is presently no such body in the UK. Most therefore tend to be creative writers or copy writers who have entered the employment market place as another place in which to use their skills. Expect to pay £50 and above
  • Employment Professionals: many employment professionals, from either a recruitment, Human Resources or employment background, provide CV Writing Services. This is the fastest expanding part of the market, although the largest number of providers are still CV Typists. Prices start from £75 and upwards, but still low compared to similarly skilled North American providers which start from $150


There are also a large number of part time providers who use the newly evolving Contract and bidding service websites to provide occasional CV Writing and additional income. But all services are charged up front, as the service is factually orientated creative communications.

What CV Writing Service?

With the diverse number of services, the question is: what do they provide, and why the price differential?

The market is still dominated by singular operators, often home based, over the three largest company based providers. The internet driven demands of the job seekers means that most UK CV Writing Services are orientated around:

  • Taking your career history
  • Interviewing you for 30mins or more to understand what you want to do next
  • Creating in 24hours or less a draft CV


This approach panders best essay writing service reddit to the Job Board orientated modern employment market, where by recently redundant or unemployed job seekers wish to gain work as quickly as possible.

CV Writing Tips

But, in a recent experiment, an employment professional body took 20 job seekers to find the affect of CV Writing. 10 were given a new Professional CV, while 10 were trained in how best to apply for jobs, using their existing CV.