July 21, 2024

Dona Abbott

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Twitter Marketing – Using Twitter to Market Your Business

Twitter Marketing – Using Twitter to Market Your Business

Twitter Marketing: The Wave of the Future, eh?

Twitter is a news dissemination, conversation and information gathering network. No other network on the planet features immediate up-to-date news provided by ordinary citizens experiencing the news. There are several “personal update” networks similar to Twitter, but none offer the same speed and convenience. Using it for marketing, on the other hand, is something else entirely.

Right now Twitter is flooded with marketers sending out link after link after link to buy products, visit websites and even learn how to “market on twitter”. The problem is the links are becoming recognizable – similar to the way a telemarketing phone call immediately turns on your warning signs when you answer the phone. So the years of traditional marketing on twitter may be coming to an end.

What isn’t ending is the ability to converse with your customers. Comcast and Southwest Airlines both actively use Twitter to solve problems, hear customer complaints and eavesdrop in real time on actual conversations about themselves. Look at the 60 Minutes episode about the people of Virginia and how some people’s addiction to Mt. Dew has caused their teeth to rot. Pepsi Co. was immediately able to monitor what people were saying about the episode and were able to gather information about how to react from their customers. This kind of covert gathering of marketing information is too valuable to disappear anytime soon.

Finally, the social interaction Twitter offers will give small businesses a chance to interact with potential customers. While less of a marketing strategy and more of a long term branding plan, this one-on-one interaction that other people can see will reap benefits for every small company.